Princess Diana: School Age

...not so bright?  

Diana as a young girlDiana was not a particularly bright student. She was educated at home till the age of 9, went to boarding school Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk (age 9-12), and to the exclusive West Health Girls' School in Kent (age 12-16), where she was regarded as a poor student.  She failed all of her O-levels twice and later dropped out at the age of 16. She would pack her bags and try Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Switzerland, but also quit after a term. It was about this time when she first met Prince Charles, who was at that time dating her eldest sister, Lady Sarah. 


  • eduated at home until age of 9
  • Riddlesworth Hall (age 9-12)
  • West Health (age 12-16) = dropped out
  • Institut Alpin Videmanette = dropped out
  • failed O-levels

young dianaSports & Hobbies
"When I am older, I will be a dancer"

She may not have been popular academically, but Diana shone in other disciplines.  Though shy, she  had a heart for helping others at a young age and was popular among peers.  And while she reportedly excelled in swimming, diving and hockey, her foremost passion was ballet. She studied ballet and longed to become a ballerina for a time.  "When I am older, I will be a dancer," she once said.  But alas she grew to a height of 5'10" and became too tall to become a professional.

At Riddlesworth, Diana was honoured for winning countless swimming competitions and received an honourable prize for "helpfulness".  She would continue these passions until her days with the Royal Family, when she swam every morning to keep fit.

She also played tennis and was an accomplished skier. Yearly ski trips were not unusual for wealthy families.  Riding? Not so much. Diana took a tumble as a child and has avoided horse riding for much of her young life.


  • wanted to be a ballerina
  • excelled in swimming, diving, tennis, skiing
  • developed fear of riding after falling off a horse
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